N° ADELI : 75-93-0077-5
Tél. : 06 81 35 13 96
Paris - Cloyes-Les-Trois-Rivières

My Profile


  • Professional Licensed Psychologist
    Clinical and Psychopathological studies, Paris7, France
  • Bachelor's Degree in Ethnology, Paris7, France
  • Trained in Waking Dream psychoanalysis (GIREP)
  • Woman Within Facilitator In Training (USA)
  • Michael Harner seminary (Foundation for shamanic studies, San Francisco)
  • Facilitator and professional member of the Monroe Institute (VA, USA)
    I am also the Local Chapter Network Regional Coordinator for France.
  • Member of the Lacanian Society : le Cercle Freudien


Proficiencies in the field of psychology

  • Psychoanalysis, Waking dream, Therapies
  • Moreno's Psychodrama, group dynamics
  • Self-improvement workshop "Héritage Inconscient", developped by me in 2002
  • Crisis Coaching and Counseling for Professionals
  • EMDR/ISOS practitioner



  • Study of Consciousness
  • Rites of Passage and Traditions
  • Symbols and Imaginary
  • Identity fluctuations and distorsions
  • Traumas, especially anomalous traumas and related fields such as NDE, "abductions",  personal unexplained phenomenom, disparitions, etc



Up until 1996, I worked in financial business management (including four years in Chicago), teaching and entertainment.